The Sustainability Journey

Sustainability has always been embedded in our culture. In 2011, we began a journey focused on the search for a better future.

We believe that a company can create products ethically by reducing its impact on the environment and the planet, while taking care of people at the same time. We also make this commitment in our daily lives. It is a firm and long-term plan for Grendene. We seek solutions to reduce waste, recycle products, ensure more efficiency in processes, and contribute to the well-being of all employees and the communities where our factories are located. There is a sustainable use for plastic in fashion and we have been moving towards that direction for a long time. Wherever we go, our footprint must be positive, because we are committed to evolving every step of the way. This is our journey towards sustainability.


We believe that sustainable fashion goes beyond having products with less impact. It is translated into a set of attitudes in our daily lives, and we have already started it. We are investing, learning, and working to solve complex issues. We do not have all the answers, but we know we want to get to a more sustainable future.


Vegan – Today all Grendene footwear is vegan

In 2017, we removed all ingredients of animal origin, this means we do not test our materials on animals, and we also do not use animal materials in our manufacturing. Today all Grendene shoes are vegan and registered by the Vegan Society.

Recyclable – reducing the environmental impacts year on year

Footwear produced by Grendene is made of 100% recyclable PVC, with up to 30% of the materials used coming from pre-consumer recycled material. With the correct disposal of your of old shoes it means you are also helping the environment.

Eco-Friendly Production – Less Impact on the planet

We enhance programs about socio-environmental responsibility, environmental education, and conscious consumption of resources, maintaining management of energy efficiency. In 2020 we also achieved 100% water reuse capacity in our operations. From this action, it was possible to expand the availability of water back into our communities.

Ethical Work – We respect and appreciate diversity

Ensuring our employees work in an ethical environment to give them the safety, satisfaction and dignity as their social welfare is important to us.

Non-Toxic – Free of chemicals

Our footwear is nontoxic and free from any harmful and allergy-causing substances.

Renewable Raw Material – Increasing renewable energy use

The Ipanema brand is Biobased certified by the Vinçotte seal, granted by TÜV Austria, which guarantees a percentage of 20% to 40% of renewable raw material in the composition of the brand’s products. The renewable raw material used in all Ipanema products is vegetable oil.

Responsible Forest Management – Eco-friendly packaging

All of our paper packaging is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, which ensures the origin of the raw material from responsibly forested paper.