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First made famous by the “Bossa nova” rhythms of the 1960s, Ipanema is the most glamorous neighbourhood in Brazil. Situated in the south of Rio de Janeiro, those who visit say it is home to the most beautiful people in the world. Its spirit and soul is drawn from the culture that emanates from the stunning beach sitting adjacent to the Copa Cabana. The stunning tropical sunshine entices the beautiful people to surf and sunbathe through the day and dance in the coolest bars and clubs into the night.

Ipanema footwear, inspired by the culture of Brazil, is fun, chic and colourful with every collection being over-flowed with the happy and exotic spirit of Brazilian beaches. The Ipanema collection consists of a variation of styles that includes bright colours with attractive prints that are both exotic and bold that is guaranteed to make them the focal part of your beach outfit! 

Sold in nearly 100 countries around the world, Ipanema’s designs reflect the brand’s laid-back Brazilian roots while using innovative materials and staying connected to current fashion trends. We combine our sense of fashion with features that make Ipanema sandals and flip flops unique, including multiple sole shapes for better comfort and fit, “360 degree” prints that wrap around the sole, and amazing strap details and overlays that make people notice our styles when they’re on your feet!

Our products represent much more than just fashion. Here at Ipanema, we have a strong environmental and ethical influence that aims to preserve all the Earth’s natural beauty for generations to come. With eyes on the environment and the future, the Ipanema collection is made using at least 30% recycled materials while 99% of all factory waste being recycled or reused. It is with this strong sense of social responsibility coupled with cutting-edge technologies that create our unique style of Ipanema. 




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Ipanema designs have many special features.

Here are some of our footwear range that you will find throughout our website.


An open shoe that allows you to remain cool yet secure. Our sandal has an added stability that is provided by an ankle strap, making it great for an all-day wear! 


Wanting a dressier style? Our Ipanema wedge has a higher heel which makes it the perfect choice. Due to the increase in popularity of wedges, our designers have pushed the boundaries by producing the highest ever Ipanema wedges! They are also great to wear whilst sipping cool cocktails by the beach bar.


In any collection, the artists or designers always have favourite pieces which brings them the most pride and joy. Ipanema is no different – we have a wide Premium range for the pieces which are worthy of this extra prestige.


Ipanema’s anatomic soles are designed for both comfort and protection. They are moulded to complement every contour of the sole which means, less pressure being placed on your body when walking - A great feature to consider when you’re planning to stay out in the sun all day long!


Unique Ipanema technology allows so many brilliant features, and 3D is definitely one of our favourites! Have you ever bought a pair of flip flops because of the printed design, only to be disappointed that once you put them on it is nowhere to be seen? Well thanks to 3D, this will never happen again! 3D designs cover each side of the flip flop, so even when you put them on you can still see the design on the side, all the way around!

Mould Casting

Ipanema have been making plastic shoes for a long time, so no-one has made as many, nor continues to make, such an extensive range of creative designs. This is possible because plastic shoes are made in moulds, meaning that our design options are truly endless. Ipanema footwear gets more and more adventurous each year!


Ipanema goes the extra mile when it comes to adding quality to each pairs of shoes. Just as other manufacturers would be packing shoes into boxes, our Ipanema’s are given a finishing touch to make them more alluring and special - whether it is a glittery shine or a matt coating, a crystal or a charm, Ipanema puts the icing on your flip flop!

Ethics and the Environment

Our shoes are produced with a strong ethical stand point. Wherever possible we try and do things in a way which promotes the environment. 

Here are just some of the ways in which we do this:

  • We use only 100% synthetic materials to produce our plastic and thongs (this means they are suitable for vegans too!).
  • 99% of any “waste” from the production process is recycled - meaning there is virtually no waste!
  • Our plastic lasts far longer than ordinary rubber thongs however should you decide it is time for a new pair they can be recycled due to our clever use of Melflex PVC.
  • Our Melflex plastic is far more environmentally friendly than rubber as it is recyclable. Rubber is much more difficult to recycle due to it being produced using crude oil.
  • We control all of the production process so we can be confident that everything is done properly.
  • Our employees are all adults and are treated properly.